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1. Our dispatch comes everyday around 12:30p.m. So, for same day shipping, please make sure payment is made before 12.00p.m.

2. RM1 will be donated to charities when you make a purchase of any products from SK-II, Shiseido, Bonanza, El Marini Blanz, plus RM1 from us. 

3. Our Paypal payment method is removed. So, Paypal will no longer supported. Thanks.

4. Sorry, we will no longer support international postage(countries other than Malaysia) due to cases in which the items (example: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II Clear Lotion) failed to pass through oversea countries Custom Check. We are very regret and sorry on these. 

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SK II and Kose online store De Dandelion - Questions & Answes

Q1. Why the price is cheaper than market?

Ans: We get it at special rate since we buy a large amount.  


Q2: Is it authentic?

Ans: Yes, its definately authentic. You are welcome to bring the product to counter for further verification.


Q3: Why Facial Treatment Essence packaging is different? Why the smell or color looks different from the one I purchase before?

Ans: For essence 150ml, 215ml and 250ml, all the packaging is totally different. You may check this out at counter. For smell and color, some batches might be clearer and less smelly, but some batches might be little yellowish and more smelly. Refer to SK II beauty consultant, this is very common. The reason is the essence went through a fermentation process. Originally, the miracle water is no color and no smell, because it is fragrance and coloring free. But during the process of making the product, the color and smell change. Due to all these its always depends on environment, so each batch will definately has same color and smell, but different batches might have different color and smell.


Q4: Which products suit me?

Ans: It is solely depend on your main concern and targeted problems on your face, as well as skin condition. Below are some basic info of the products.

1. Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil - Remove makeup, especially waterproof makeup (for normal, oily or oily to combination skin)

2. Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel - Removel light makeup (for dry skin)

3. Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream - Remove normal makeup, can use for massage. Lightening effect. Relaxing Aroma. For dry and older skin.

4. Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser - Moisture skin after cleansing. Relaxing Aroma

5. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion - Toner. Remove dirt and dead skin cell. Prevent dull skin. Enhance penetration of facial treatment essence.

6. Facial Lift Emulsion - Anti-aging. Sagging problem. Expression line problem.

7. Repair C - Dehydration problem. Fine line problem. Can use at eye area. For all skin type.

8. Facial Treatment Mask - Moisture. Restore skin renewal to normal cycle.

9. Whitening Source Derm Definition - Preventing age spots and fleckles.

10. Whitening Source Derm Brightener - Tone concern. Moisture. Spot reduction.

11. Cellumination Deep Surge - Improve epidermin plumpness melanin degree. Spotless. Fairless. Hydration.

12. Cellumination Essence - Same as above

13. Skin Rebooster - Daily wipe off moisturizing gel mask. Hydration. Relieve tired skin. Brighter skin after use. Can use on face, eye and lip area. For all skin types

14. Eye Film - Oil free. Hydration. Prevent first sign of aging. Reduct existing aging sign. Recommend for those facing computer frequently.

15. Skin Refining Treatment - Pore refining. Dissolves blackhead and whitehead. Exfoliating dead skin cell. Recommend for oily or combination to oily skin.

16. Facial Clear Solution - Deep within pores, even t-zone, so skin is less oily yet well moisturized.

17. Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water) - 7 miracle benefit:

★ Balances skin ph level

★ Lighten and brighten the skin tones

★ Deeply hydrated

★ Improve skin texture

★ Anti inflammatory effect after the skin has been sunburnt

★ Control sebum production

★ Regulate the skin natural turnover


Q5: How much is the postal charge for shipping in Malaysia?

Peninsular - MYR 6 

Sarawak - MYR 8.5

Sabah - MYR 9  


Q6: Which payment options are available?

Maybank2u / Maybank ATM Fund Transfer / Paypal


Q7: How to check if the SK2 product is authentic?

1. Packaging - the code printed outside and the code printed on the bottle should match. 

- come with 10 digits (this is not barcode)

- 1st character is year. Eg: 0 == 2010

- 2nd - 4th characters - day of manufacturing in that year, this one should same like the manufacturing date sticker stick on the box of product. 

- 5th - 8th characters - the factory, normally is 2118, 5048 and 4424

- 9th - 10th characters - batch number, first batch is 01, etc....

2. Smell - SK II is fragrance free. For fake product, the smell will be different from original one